TEXO TECHNOLOGIES Ltd. Company independently or with local its local and international partners offers the following products and services:

IT solutions

We develop industry focused software solutions across a wide range of industries to help organizations meet their business goals. Our products incorporate years of experience working with technology in a specific industry context. We understand how to match our clients’ needs with the right technology. We also provide full web service, including web design, website hosting and web marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses. We concentrate on doing accessible, usable web design, while optimizing your web pages for search engines.

Management consulting

Our management consulting service is a client service oriented consultancy available to assist its clients in their operational and project management needs. We work closely with each firm’s principal(s) and key employees to learn about their respective internal operating systems.

Through this process we are able to develop a customized approach, develop innovative solutions, make recommendations for improvement and offer assistance with, or take full responsibility for the implementation of each activity.

Project management

We are focused on planning and implementing strategically critical projects in the environmental (green technology), real-estate and industrial sectors. Often working in highly regulated industries, we tackle complex projects through dedicated on-site leadership. We deliver projects intelligently, to drive the lasting changes organizations need to thrive. Whether in long-term partnerships or for one-off projects, we seek to understand an organizations aspirations so that we can find imaginative solutions that deliver what the customer needs.